Who is Other Space Electronics?
Other Space Electronics was started by Luc van Weelden in Amsterdam…to learn more, check the About page.

Where can I buy your pedals?
At the moment, our pedals can only be bought through the webshop.

Do you ship worldwide?
We sure do.
If your country isn’t listed in the drop-down menu of the Shipping section at check out, we'd still love to get a pedal to you. So please get in touch at info@otherspaceelectronics.com and we'll figure out the best shipping option.

How much is shipping? And how long does it take?
Shipping is calculated at checkout and does not include (any possible) local import taxes or duties that you might need to pay. These potential costs are not included in the purchase price at check out and are the sole responsibility of the customer to pay to their local authority. For details on transit times and other shipping info check out our Shipping page.

I live outside of the EU, am I exempt from Dutch value-added tax (VAT)?
Yes, if you are having your order shipped outside the EU, the 21% VAT which is included in the listed price of items will be deducted from that price during check out.

Can you label my international order as a “gift” or lower the value to avoid import duties?

No, we cannot as that would surely get us into trouble with the man somewhere along the way.

Do your products have a warranty? And what is your policy on repairs?

We believe in the robustness of our devices, but sometimes things happen. Since that would be a bummer, all devices from Other Space Electronics come with a limited lifetime warranty: we will repair or replace any malfunctioning item free of charge.
For full details check out our Warranty & Repairs page or email us at

o you offer returns?
To learn more about our returns policy, check out our Returns page.

Are there any plans for other types of pedals?
YES! There are more devices on the way.
Right now we're putting the last hand to an analog delay circuit and there is a FUZZZZ coming too!

What do I do if I need help with my pedal?
Just shoot us an email at info@othespaceelectronics.com and we’d be happy to help.



What kind of power supply should I use?
Other Space Electronics pedals are designed to be powered by standard Boss/OneSpot style 9VDC, 2.1mm center-negative power supplies.
We recommend using a single transformer-isolated power supply, made specifically to power effects pedals, to prevent any unwanted interactions with other pedals in your chain or added noise.


How much current does the Long Distance Drive require?
The Long Distance Drive requires about 4,5mA of current.
When choosing an adapter, anything that provides 9VDC and has more than the above mentioned amount of current to give is good

ill the Long Distance Drive work for bass?
For sure! The frequency characteristics of the Long Distance Drive are designed to pass the low frequencies of your bass or synth or any other kind of signal that has a lot of bass content. The saw-tooth clipping mode has been especially designed to let the bass content of your signal safely find its way to your amp, so make sure you give that setting a try ;-]

hy does the RANGE knob on the Long Distance Drive sometimes not work?
The RANGE knob works together with the DRIVE knob. When the DRIVE knob is turned all the way down, the RANGE knob has no effect. As soon as the DRIVE knob goes up, the RANGE knob will start having an effect on your sound.