Other Space Electronics was started by Luc van Weelden in 2020 in his workshop at the back of the much loved live music venue OCCII in Amsterdam. As Other Space he creates hand-built effects pedals for musicians and their instruments to seek out sounds unknown.

Luc is a musician and has been making things sound weird since his wayward youth. He’s been experimenting with and building noise machines and circuit bending all kinds of musical gear and other electronic doodads for more than 20 years.

If you’ve been to the OCCII in the past two decades you’ve likely seen him playing a show, working behind the soundboard, reshuffling the stage, or loitering at the bar.

Luc also spends a lot of time in cars, vans and buses, as a musician on the DIY circuit, but also working as a live sound engineer or guitar/amp tech since 2001 more recently touring with bands like Lightning Bolt, Big|Brave, Sumac, Dälek, Motorpsycho, Tim Hecker and Car Seat Headrest.

He also keeps busy by repairing tube amps, guitars, synths, organs, keyboards and all kinds of vintage instruments and effects for touring musicians, the local music scene, OCCII, and as part of the Smoeff backline family as the in-house repair tech.

As Other Space, Luc spends hours sourcing the right components to elevate the workings of the device circuits, mixing new stuff with vintage NOS stock found at radio and electronics fairs, junk shops, and by scouring the internet for people emptying their attics and basements.

All pedals are built by hand at Other Space Electronics and feature original circuits, custom-designed enclosures, and original artwork commissioned to different artists for each pedal. These robust designs are made for both musicians looking for extreme tonal precision and seekers of sounds unknown.

Music makers are so often embedded in an arts community that plays together. We want to continue to amplify this in the work that Other Space does by collaborating with visual artists who also make music, to create original artwork for each pedal. The artwork brings together the artist’s visual hand and inspiration from the name of the pedal and its sound.